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There are only 2-3 days: Bangkok

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"Bangkok is my favorite city in Asia!"

With this phrase, I would like to start my post. I like absolutely everything in this city. The noise of the metropolis, the smell of street food, the sound of doors opening 7/11, crazy traffic on the roads. This list can be continued for a long time and with all this, I do not notice that notorious dirt, cockroaches, and so on, everything that pampered tourists see.

I will not write about the places that are already indicated in guidebooks, I will offer an alternative, which I will turn on during my first post-covid visit to the country. I will also add the places that I visited earlier and are remembered.

For gourmets and just food lovers

If the purpose of your trip is to eat yummly, then plan the following.

We choose Tim Mansion as a place to live. Why this particular guest house? Because it is strategically located next to the iconic diner, which has 1 Michelin star. This is the street food restaurant Jay Fai. Thanks to Netflix and a series of documentaries on Asian food, Jay Fay's restaurant is rapidly gaining popularity. The table must be booked in advance by writing to jayfaibangkok@gmail.com. I wrote to her three months in advance and was refused, as the record was already formed 5 months in advance !!!! Immediately, I warn you that the wave of popularity has formed an incredible price for a dish for Bangkok. 800-1000 baht for iconic items on the menu !!!


If for some reason, Jay Fai's restaurant was unavailable, then this is not a reason to grieve. After all, now you have the opportunity to taste the best Pad Thai. You may have to stand in line to get to Thipsamai, but the prices will pleasantly surprise (relative to the first rest) The most expensive dish costs 500 baht, and the average price is about 100 baht.


Now I'll tell you about my favorite place. I'm ready to write odes about Hachiban Ramen. I can always have breakfast, lunch, and dinner there!

For almost 28 years, about 130 restaurants have been opened throughout the country. It is not difficult to find 8, as a rule, it is a shopping center. The cost of the dish is about 100 baht.

Well, now a place for those who care about a beautiful shot on Instagram. Fans of taking pictures of desserts - sit back. The Buddha & Pals Café and Jazz bar invites you to taste delicious éclairs in a retro-styled space. The entrance is strict with a full charge on the phone. The cost of the coffee (not trivial options in the spirit of cappuccino) is around 150 baht.


If you want to try something like that, but not beetles. Then welcome to China town. I would especially note the giblets, which are just bombing. The tongue there is not at all a delicacy for the New Year, but quite a commonplace in the spirit of the lung, kidneys, and tails.

For leisurely romantics and contemplators

For those who want to see the capital of Thailand, but without the flow of tourists. So my advice is to explore Bangkok from the water. The capital is dotted with rivers and canals, like an anthill. Choose a boat and go boldly to the final stop. This is how you can see the city before the 7/11 era.

You can also take an old red bus, the one with a wooden floor inside the cabin and open windows as air conditioners. On it, you can go very far, beyond the central attractions and enjoy the city bustle of non-tourist Bangkok.

For cold-blooded lovers

Lumpini Park is a green oasis in the center of the capital. A haven for big monitor lizards and sports enthusiasts. Open from 4.30 pm to 9 pm. The park has an outdoor pool and gym. Free aerobics every day from 6 pm to 7 pm.

The snake farm of the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is located near Lumpini Park, so we will continue the topic of reptiles within the walls of the educational institution. In addition to the exhibition, where first aid for bites is shown in a very fascinating form, you can also get to the demonstration of the extraction of snake venom and visit the "show" in which snakes found in the Southeast Asia region will be presented. The most amazing thing is that I have always considered the cutest bright green thin snakes to be harmless snakes, and as a result, even the university specialists are extremely careful and kept these snakes far from themselves. But dragging a king cobra by the tail is an absolute commonplace and routine. I am a fan of snakes, if there is a chance to touch, then look for me in the forefront. The cost of the visit is 200 baht. Extraction of poison at 11.00 am and demonstration of catching various types of snakes at 2.30 pm.

Leisure for the inquiring mind

If you wonder, then only in search of the treasure. Geocaching is great here! There are many hiding places. For those who are not in the know, this is a game that is developed all over the world. People hide treasures and leave the coordinates of the hiding places on the site.

Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historical, cultural and curious, Bangkok seduces visitors with its golden smile of sparkling temples.


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