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There are only 2-3 days: Antalya



Sleep, sunbathe, eat, drink ... and so on...

For 10 days!

Antalya is more about urban tourism than beaches and buffets. Many hysterical places are located within the city, others can be reached by bus or tram. Antalya is one of the best cities in the country. After Istanbul, of course. In this post, I will try to tell you why I think so and seduce you to come up for 2-3 "boring" days.


Picturesque Ottoman houses, narrow cobblestone streets, ancient towers, and mosques. Welcome to the Old Town!

Kaleici is a self-sufficient region. There are parks, embankments, observation decks, a port, and even a small beach "Mermerli". To explore the Old City of Antalya, you need to allocate at least a whole day.

Excellently preserved examples of ancient Roman architecture are scattered within the city.

Do not forget to grab some treats for the cats, of which there are plenty here.

Duden Waterfalls

There are two magnificent waterfalls in Antalya: Upper Duden, falling from a cliff into the river with several stormy streams, and Lower Duden, which falls from a 40-meter height directly into the sea. Upper Duden is located in the north of Antalya, Lower - in the east; each of them can be reached in half an hour by bus from the city center. There are beautiful parks near the waterfalls.

The Land of Legends

Antalya has its water park, but it is not as impressive as The Land of Legends. You can get there by 2 buses, which will not be a big deal. Although ... it's not as difficult as it is not convenient. Track the stop on the maps, find a bus at the station. I saw how people were brought in packs of tourist buses. But there is little sense in this, you will be limited in time from ... to. I arrived at the opening, tickets were online, in the morning I rode all the slides without queues (until the tourist buses brought up those who like to sleep). And as the people began to clump together, I went to take sunbaths. Again, without any problems, I was able to find a sunbed, not on the outskirts. After all, at this time there was an attack on the hills ...

To be honest, I don’t remember which of the slides is the most expressive. But maybe this one.

Olympos cable car

In the case of the cable car, you need to look for a tour. Because going there on its own is very difficult and takes a long time. The cable car is located in the center of the coastal Beydaglari National Park, on the top of Mount Tahtali, which in ancient times is also known as Mount Olympos, with a height of 2365 m.

By the way, a piece of the Lycian Trail passes nearby, and you can even meet true tourists.

I wrote in detail about the path earlier.

Göynük Canyon

The canyon is part of the Lycian trail, but there are some interesting leisure activities. Zipline, canyon safari. True, you need to get to it ...

Since I was there in early May and the water is cold enough, I was content with a walk in the park and watched this video below.

2-3 days is not enough to cover all the interesting things about Antalya and nearby.

The main thing is not to fall into the all-inclusive trap.

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