List #5. Travel YouTube.

Today's list will be slightly different.

In this post, I will share my favorite YouTube travel channels with you.

Sometimes the brain gets so tired that it is not ready to perceive good films, and then I go on trips with my favorite travel bloggers!

Anton Ptushkin

Of course, I'll start with him!

I adore him! In his videos, I like absolutely everything!

Incredible visuals and well-chosen music, which is 100% consistent with the atmosphere of the frame!

Last year, when there was a lot of free time, I just plunged into his channel ...

Now I do not miss a single notification, since I clicked the bell)


Dream and Travel

I discovered this channel just a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to go to Albania (as soon as possible).

The guys talk interestingly about places, show the prices and shoot a beautiful picture)

I liked them. There is a bell))


WANT HOME - Travels You Won't Go On

One of my favorite travel channels, and one that not everyone dares to go to!

I watched his episodes about the areas of New York City in one gulp and one breath!


Masha Sebova

Masha intrigued me with her heading "Everything for 30"

As a budget traveler, I liked this theme and I signed up for it right away!



I, like many others, are a fan of the "Heads and Tails" program.

But my love disappeared after changing all my favorite hosts.

One of them was Bednyakov.

And although I am not very enthusiastic about his solo project, there are still interesting releases and I watch them with pleasure!


Zhanna Badoeva Life of Others

And one more of my favorites - Zhanna Badoeva and her program about the lives of others!

You won't see some interesting or unexplored places here, but you can see how people live in other countries, which is very curious)

PS: I liked the issue about Costa Rica.


The World Inside Out

I can't say that this is my favorite travel channel, but it is quite intriguing with its choice of destinations! And also from these videos, you can learn a lot of useful and valuable for your trip)


Kase Gasanov

I'm not a frequent viewer of Kase, but I like what he does!

Everything is very vividly shown and told!

I think I subscribed to it after watching 40 minutes of video about New York)


At this point, I will stop my list, since further vlogs of English-speaking origin would follow, and this is worthy of a separate post)

I would also separately include vlogs related to some specific countries and living in them ... And there on my list, oh, so much!





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