List # 4. British TV series

Recently, I caught myself on the fact that I began to give preference to TV shows of British or Spanish production.

In the list below, you will find 10 Great British TV series (or half) that caught my attention.


A series based on the film by Guy Ritchie. This tip alone made me look for the series on streaming platforms. The site IVI coped with the task, allowing me to enjoy this excellent British TV series!

What's more, the show stars two of my favorite actors, Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). Also, you will immediately notice Phoebe Daynevor, who played one of the main roles in the acclaimed series


A story about petty crooks who accidentally steal an unscheduled truck and unexpectedly break the "Big Snatch" in the form of a huge amount of gold. Next, there will be a plot that will capture your attention about how they dispose of what has fallen on their soul)

I will say one thing - I cannot say that the plot is unusual, but it draws you in to watch the episodes one after another.

Actors, costumes, filming, cool editing, jokes, gold, diamonds, robberies, and a good mood for you)

Peaky Blinders

British TV series about the underworld!

The storyline takes place in 1919 in the vastness of Great Britain in the city of Birmingham.

The center of attention is the leader of the toughest gang at that time, Thomas Shelby and his populous family, a feature of which were sharp blades sewn into the visors.

A beautiful film that very vividly conveys the character and atmosphere of each scene, be it dirt and poverty, or sophistication and bourgeoisie.

A great series with a gorgeous cast.

By the way, in this series, you will see the now so famous Anya Taylor Joy (Queen Gambit).

The Duchess

The series Katherine Ryan, concurrently and the actress of the main role in this picture.

I watched each episode and waited, what kind of outfit she would have today! Great job as a costume designer!

As for the plot itself, it is rather strange ... Although most likely the main character is very strange. The slightly unusual relationship between mother and daughter, as well as the extraordinary behavior of the mother herself, confuses you, and sometimes you just wanted to exclaim - What!

White Gold

Well, just a wonderful series!

The best window seller by my beloved Ed Westwick!

I liked the manner of shooting and editing the film, which gave the impression of your presence at the moment!

In general, the story is about the handsome and smart seller Vincent, who can sell anything and for a lot of money!

Killing Eve

The first season took me completely into watching this show!

Jodie Comer's acting is incomparable!

The obsession between the two heroines is breathtaking!

The colorfulness of the picture and the carefully selected musical accompaniment make you look without taking your eyes off.

I can't describe the second season either ... I watched two episodes and forgot about it. Then I returned again and barely watched. Perhaps one season would be enough to leave only good impressions for the viewer!


Each episode is like a separate film with a complete action.

I did not start watching for a long time, as I was skeptical about Benedict. But after this series, I changed my mind. Also hooked on the main deviation from the source about Sherlock is that the action takes place in our time in the modern world!

Get Even

The thick of events, as usual, takes place in an elite school, where a hidden DGM organization was formed, fighting for good and justice! I do not understand all the troubles that fall on the shoulders of schoolchildren in Europe and America (based on the plots of most films). At this age, my classmates and I did not think about the problems of the community, at most - about the problem of what to dress up tomorrow)


Does anyone remember this show !?

I watched it for a long time when it just came out and this series had only two drawbacks - few episodes and a long wait for the next season!

I will gladly rewatch it now, and perhaps in the original ...

I hope I can understand, as I'm sure there is a lot of slang and a British accent))

Oh, yes, although the name is "misfits", but the story is about superheroes who randomly gained strength during a storm!

Sex Education

One of my favorite must-see TV shows!

I already wrote about it, you can read it at the link:



I have already mentioned this cute series, so read about it at the link:


Well, you know, this is not the whole list of British TV series!

There are tons of historical TV shows on my list that are worthy of your attention! But that's it in the next posts!

Much love, Klava






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