How to customize your iPhone's home screen (iPad).

Finally, it became possible to change the iPhone home screen after the IOS update.

A couple of months ago I discovered this scheme, but I was somehow too lazy to do it ... Although it does not ask for a long time ...

The most important thing is to decide on a new theme for your phone.

To create a new design, you will need:

-Update your iOS by at least 14 if you haven't already;

-Download Shortcuts app:


-Download WidgetSmith App:


  • Go to the application

  • In the upper corner, click the "+"

  • Next, select "scripts"

  • Next, "choose an application" and select the application, the icon that we want to change

  • Click the "..." on top

  • "Add to home screen"

  • Where is the new command, write the name of the application, or do not write)

  • Click on the icon itself and select a new photo for it

  • Add

And we do these steps with each icon that we want to add to the screen.

IPhone Widgets

The updated iOS has several useful widgets that you might find useful on your home screen.

Long press on the screen, editing will pop up, and in the upper left corner, you will find "+". By clicking on it, you will be taken to the gallery of iPhone widgets.

Choose any to your taste)


We will need this application to make a beautiful widget with a day of the week or an inspiring quote.

To add the created widget, you need to go to the iPhone widget gallery and click on Widgetsmith there.

Pics for icons

It all depends on your imagination.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my icons.

If you do not know how to work in this program, many lighter applications can be found at App Store.

Or, you can use any pictures and photos to create your style on the screen.

If you didn't succeed at all, you can download my icons and background

from the link below:


I wish everyone a pleasant and fun creation of Your new screen on your iPhone!

Much love^ Klava






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