Cave Nimara Mağarası. Marmaris, Turkey

Nimara Cave is a cave on the Sky Island, near the city of Marmaris, Turkey. The space in the cave reaches a height of 3 to 5 meters and a width of 5 meters.

Summer 2019 ... Marmaris, Turkey ... Our one week vacation almost finished ...

I was extremely disappointed with local excursions, and therefore decided to take everything into my own hands to somehow dilute such a monotonous beach vacation for me!

I Google it ... It showed me the caves ... I started looking for how to get there, where to find an excursion, but unfortunately, I discovered that for some reason the territory of the caves was closed.

It didn't stop me! Knowing how my mother loves bicycles (I had a Turkish vacation with my mother), I invited her to go there on their own, to which she was glad.

Waking up early in the morning, we went in search of bike rentals.

The average rental price per hour was 10 TL.

We took bicycles for the whole day. I recommend taking bicycles as a non-walking option, as the road will be difficult in some places. Although ... my mother still preferred the opposite, which she was not happy about in the future.

In general, the one-way route took about 2.5 - 3 hours.

The road was incredibly beautiful !!!

What happened on our way?

The mountains

The sea

The yacht clubs

The forest

The serpentine

The beautiful nature

And also a minimum of cafes and shops ...

But in the middle of the way, we still found a quiet place where we had a delicious snack!

Saranda Beach & Restaurant

Middelhavet, Турция

Finally, having reached the final point of our route, the path up through the forest was again waiting for us, but this time to the cave itself. And then my mom gave up and said that she would wait for me here.

Then I went alone ...

It was very strange not to see anyone near such an interesting object.

I walked at random ... Seeing the stone steps, I walked along with them ... And finally, I reached my goal !!!

But it was a surprise there...

There was a fence around the cave, and the gate was locked!

After suffering for a second, I began to look for how to get inside ...

And I found a hole! Having got a little dirty, I got through there!

Emotions went off the scale, I don’t know from what more; from the fact that I am in a cave or because I climbed here illegally)

Standing inside the cave, I immediately felt like the actor of the movie "The Descent". Honestly, I was even a little scared, because I was there completely alone ...

I did not go deep inside. Who knows for what reasons it was closed, so I didn't risk it ...

After standing there for a couple of minutes, I moved back to my mother, finally filled with the emotions that I missed so much in our beach vacation.

The way back seemed to us faster and easier!

When we reached Marmaris, the first thing we did was rushed into the sea and got drunk in the water!

Honestly, we were not ready for such a costly road

Do not forget to take plenty of water with you on this trip, and most importantly, choose the appropriate bicycles!


A lovely cafe that will end your day wonderfully after a tough self-guided tour.


Çıldır, 207. Sk., 48700 Marmaris/Muğla, Турция

Much love^ Klava

Written by Alina Starostina





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