List #6. Apple TV + Series.

I test many streaming platforms and I signed up for Apple Tv + last month

The reason for this was the Servant series, which I wanted to watch for a very long time, but free sites tortured me with advertising and poor quality. And then I decided to deduct 199 rubles from my budget, this is the cost of a monthly subscription, and enjoy a high-quality series.


A series worth your attention!

From the very first shot, you are immersed in a terrifying atmosphere filled with dark shots and a frightening violin, which seems to be about, someone will suddenly crawl out of the corner, but ... suddenly only drunk Julian appears here

(Rupert Grint), who always likes to drink expensive wine from Turner's basement.

The film begins with the arrival of a strange girl on a rainy evening, who takes a job as a nanny in the house.

There is only one "but" ... A couple of months ago the family lost a child, and instead of him, the Turners brought a toy, which then, somehow, becomes a child ...

And for all two seasons, you cannot understand what is happening!

Where is the child from? Who is crazy? What sect is the servant in?

The Morning Show

Me Too (or #MeToo) is a hashtag that went viral on social media in October 2017, highlighting the condemnation of sexual violence and harassment, spread by the scandal and accusations of film producer Harvey Weinstein.

A series that touched on the topic of this trend.

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Karel !!! Just seeing these names takes the fire in my eyes! Here we can see the real backside of the

TV industry!

This is the first time I see Jennifer Aniston in a not very attractive role!

And Reese Witherspoon is amazing in the role of the ever-rebellious journalist who fights for truth and justice!

Although the plot seems to be monotonous, the series itself is very colorful and draws you into the thick of events!

Defending Jacob

I love investigation TV shows. And this one is.

To be honest, I still do not understand who killed the student ...

After all, there are moments in the film that indicate that Jacob had someplace in this crime ... But I'm not sure ...

Is it worth watching - yes!

An extended plot - yes! But I love that!

The series is filmed in dark gloomy colors, again with wonderfully matched music in the background!

You can be a good man, or you can be a good father.

Home before dark

The story of a deeply forgotten incident that took place in a small town where the protagonist grew up. A mysterious event shocked all residents, which was quickly closed by the police without clear evidence, imprisoning an innocent.

Returning to hometown again, but already with children, the middle daughter decides to resume the forgotten incident!

I will not write further ... I will say that the first two episodes were boring for me, but then I was completely absorbed.

A great addition to the series is the paper animation during Hilde's reflections! The same animation is present on the opening screen of the movie!

Another interesting fact for me is that this series is based on a real event! And this little girl exists and has her reports!

And this is her YouTube channel:


Little Voice

This show hooked me, of course, because of New York!

The picture shows the story of a talented girl, who is trying to overcome her previous fears of the stage and perform with her songs ... But as always, everything is not so simple, problems in the family, on the personal front; all this leads her astray!

The series shows the boiling life of New York with five works, LGBT issues, the lives of people with disabilities, who also go towards their goals.

New York is very beautiful and always brings warm memories to me, so I love TV shows with this city)))

The only thing I didn't really like was a lot of songs, although some of them were good.

The Little Voice Playlist:


For a month I managed to watch these five TV series. I turned off the subscription,

since I will test the next one.

In the meantime, I can say that I liked the platform.

The video does not slow down, loads quickly, a user-friendly interface, and the same advantages correspond to the application on the phone!






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