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Alina has started her dance career at the age of 16. 
Her first style of dancing was hip hop, but later she realized she only wanted to dance krump.
In 2012, she got into the American krump Fam "BDash".

Then in 2013 Alina for the first time came to Poland to Fair Play Dance Camp and from that year, she became an official Ambassador of this camp.

In 2015, Alina and two of her friends created the first-ever Russian dance camp that only invites international choreographers, who are leading names in the industry.
Worldwide Dance Camp.

In 2016 Alina created a website, where she started to write articles about travel and interviews with dancers.

You can find much more here now, and we hope it will be useful to you.
Much love, Klava Magazine. 



" A negative mind will never give you a positive life."

Our Editorial Team
Alina Starostina

Editor/ Writer

In love with traveling and dancing, Alina is a worldwide-based individual. Having lived in different countries, she has many stories to share about her experiences. As a professional dancer, she writes articles based on her wide experience that can help you improve your skills and knowledge. It is not to be forgotten that she interviewed some of the most talented people in the dance world. Through travel, Alina discovers a passion for the English language. In spite of her zero English skills, she became a certified English teacher. On the website, you'll find a bunch of articles that can help you learn the language. It is apparent from what she writes that she is completely in love with education abroad, which makes us, as readers, curious to explore the possibilities.

Vlada Starostina


Let's say hi to Vlada, one of our writers and a big Asia fanatic. Her style of vacation does not include a simple 5* resort or a relaxing beach vacation. Vlada loves to explore areas that are not crowded by tourists, and she loves to tell us about her experiences. Furthermore, she is completely enamored with the Korean language.

Also, she is a stylist, so she has a good sense of what you should wear and where to find your favorite outfits that you may see on celebrities.

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We love working with brands and businesses and are happy to create partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Please email klava.magazine@gmail.com

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