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Based in New York

" A negative mind will never give you a positive life."




Dance experience

Styles: krump, hip hop choreography.

I’ve given workshops in Russia, Ukraine (Kiev), Serbia (Belgrade), Poland (Krakow), Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Milan, Padua, Vicenza), Spain (Madrid) 

Choreographer at Fair Play Dance Camp Kids 2014, 2015,2016 (Poland)

Dancer at Sybarite Showcase in New York (USA).

Battler of Main Event at ARK in Las Vegas (USA).

Dancer at Fair Play Dance Challenge in Krakow (Poland).

Dancer of Union Runners Showcase in Prague.

Choreographer and Judge of All Styles Battle at Fordanzo Dance camp 2016

(with Salah, Kapela, Zaihar).

Choreographer and dancer at BF Dance Mix Showcase

Performer at Fair Play Dance camp Showcase 2019 (Poland)




Semifinalist Scream Battle Ukraine

Semifinalist Uds Ukraine
Semifinalist Tha Shelter I Ukraine
Finalist Stamina(2x2) 3 Ukraine
Winner Stadia Battle Russia
Participant of Realm , Realm II, Realm 2woBad
Winner Positive Open II (2x2) Belarus
Winner Buck Season Russia
Finalist Tha Shelter III Ukraine
Semifinalist EBS Germany
Winner of nomination –Pro Krump Girls, Krump Awards
Finalist street problems Russia
Semifinalist Battlezone 2013 (Moscow)
Semifinalist Krump Warrior Games (Switzerland)
Finalist Matreshka 2013 Russia
Semifinalist Hype Out (Odessa)
Finalist Buck Season (Minsk)
Semifinalist Krump Bulls Russia
Semifinalist All Styles Battle (Poland)
Semifinalist EBS (Germany)
Finalist (3x3) Illest Battle (Paris)
Semifinalist World Of Dance (Holland)
Finalist MoveForward (Russia)
3place Pioneer Battle (Poland)
Me against the music- top8 (Russia)
Ohh talent 2014, 2015 – top 8 (Spain)
Finalist All Stylez Battle (Poland)
Winner Lady Bomb Battle (Russia)
Battle of the night at REP YOUR STYLE 2016(New York, USA)

Main Event at ARK 2016(Las Vegas, USA)
Finalist Krump vs X at EBS 2016 (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Winner Show Your Dance Solo Contest 2017(Russia)

Guest Battler of "Adidas vs Puma" battle 2018(New York, US)

Guest Battler of Roundz of Flame 2018(New York, US) 

Top 8 Fair Play all Styles Battle 2018 (Krakow, Poland)

Top 10 Solo Project 818 (Moscow, Russia)

Winner of Showcase Challenge   Fair Play Dance Camp 2019 (Poland)

















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