based in Moscow


   started my dancing career at the age 16. I saw a krumper’s performance and it becomes clear right then that I can’t live without dancing. I began taking hip hop lessons because was afraid to try krump. After dancing for two years other styles realized that it is not for me. In 2010 I first took a class with Tight Eyez and Bdash. Since then krump becomes my passion. My main goal was to improve my krump dance level to get to the Bdash’s Fam. It took some time for me to truly understand this style; many things were not coming easy. Often I couldn’t find a support that I needed. I was afraid that my dream it unreal, but I worked hard and 2 years after I became Girl Bdash. My love to other styles of dance didn’t go away completely. Besides krump I’m taking classes with other world classchoreographers and dancers because I do believe that the truly great dancer have to know it all! Sometimes it is a hard switch from one style to another, but it’s not impossible! I do believe that in life everything is possible if you really know what you want and make right goals!


Beside the dancing I like to travel and write about my trips, make an interviews with interesting people, organize the dance events and help dancers to find a good camp in Europe. 

Based in Moscow(RU)& New York (US)